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by eythen
Tue 9. Apr 2013, 15:12
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Topic: Update to 0.4.6 in progress
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Update to 0.4.6 in progress

As all of you know, the new stable release is allready out. We do look forward releasing and upgrading the minetest main server to this release with some enhancements.

Please stay tuned for the release upgrade.

by eythen
Wed 23. Jan 2013, 21:49
Forum: News
Topic: King Arthur is updating server main version
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King Arthur is updating server main version

We have updated the main server from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4-d1 That version has some great new features, that we could add by mods For Example: Carts, mobf (mobf has great animals and NPC with whom you can trade), plantlife, L-System Trees, More Trees, ..., ... We will upload some gradually (after a test pe...
by eythen
Wed 2. Jan 2013, 22:58
Forum: Server
Topic: Help with Linux
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Re: Help with Linux

You need to go to the git repository. Download at your box the 0.4.3 source and follow the instruction at the git mainpage of cerleron55 minetest to compile it in a few seconds.

Thats all...
by eythen
Tue 25. Dec 2012, 16:29
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Topic: offline
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Its a paine in the **** with the website. Its always down if you like to search and view from time to time ... celeron55 has it not in hand to get a stable server launched? ... :D
by eythen
Sun 21. Oct 2012, 00:35
Forum: Server
Topic: Server Rules
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Server Rules

Rules of the Server: If your connecting to the server, you'll agree to the following rules. Any violation of the following rules will be punished with ban and nick removal. It needs to be stated clear that this server is for fun and creative building as also complex building. Therefore we admit you...
by eythen
Sat 20. Oct 2012, 23:46
Forum: Server
Topic: King Arthur's Server Information
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King Arthur's Server Information

This is King Arthur's server. We are build up a "most" stable server (upon hacks or bugs will be detected). We encourage you to show around and get a little inspiration of our creating. Server specs: DNS/IP: Port: UDP 30000 Connection: 10Mbit static landline OS: Deb...