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lol just played a bit with x3dom and see what comes out!

Posted: Sat 19. Jan 2013, 12:08
by addi
fist a short intro:
x3dom is a invention of the frauenhofer
a very famous of the frauenhofer is eg. the .mp3 file too

my "experiment" needs a modern browser that supports webGL, Html5, x3dom(*.x3d) (IE9 or less not supportet, use firefox or opera instead)
and a modern grafic card with an actual driver that supports openGl (some notebook versions may not supported)

my experiment loads the minetest default player and renders it
with my example its possible to drag, rotate, and zoom the model, also its possible to change the texture. (just click on it)

oh i forgott: if u want to see it in action: click

if u cant run my experiment, here are screenshots: