King Arthur is updating server main version

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King Arthur is updating server main version

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We have updated the main server from 0.4.3 to 0.4.4-d1

That version has some great new features, that we could add by mods

For Example:
mobf (mobf has great animals and NPC with whom you can trade),
L-System Trees,
More Trees,

We will upload some gradually (after a test period on the test server)

You can sign up with the client version 0.4.4-d1.

0.4.4-d1 versions for windows
Tested by me:
(8.56 MiB) Downloaded 1480 times
Sfan5 builds:

xyz mintest builds:

for Linux:
please download and compile it self from the latest git:

Current problems:

The new version is a bit unstable with technic mod. The craft guide got corrupted now but we will shortly fix this issue.

Thank you for your understanding
The King-Arthurs-Land Team