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Server Rules

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Rules of the Server: If your connecting to the server, you'll agree to the following rules. Any violation of the following rules will be punished with ban and nick removal. It needs to be stated clear that this server is for fun and creative building as also complex building. Therefore we admit you to follow our rules for an funny and peaceful game play.

§ 1: Respect the builds of other users.

§ 2: Respect the mines of other users, if you mined in accident through another mine try reverting your diggs and go another way. At least if you crossed it, you should be honest to the owner. Sometimes the owner may allow for sharing material.

§ 3: Don't ever play with lava near houses especially others. If a house gets burned through accident and its yours, build it up again! If you damage other houses and its not reversible, we may think about a backup map. but this has to be determined of the admins.

§ 4: Be friendly on the server.

§ 5: Don't steal from others. Mostly there are locked chests. Randomly if a team is building up a project, there might be chests around with a lot of content in it. They are marked with a sign. Don't get anythings out of it except your within the team of the build up.

We Randomly place also free of use chests. If there is some content and it has no sign on it, you're free to help yourself.

§ 6: Every player needs to request a moderator for interact privs. If a moderator is not willing to gave you that right, don't be panic he's probably not listen and deep in mind with his build. Try asking others ;-) or at least for correctness -> leave a forum request or use the irc.

§ 7: Don't ask for other special privs they are not common. sometimes its necessary for huge projects to ask for fly and move fast privs. This has to be decided to the admins after your project is visualized to them. The privs are only given in the time til the project is near to be done. Moderators are reviewing time to time the progress. At least they probably give some helpful hints.

§ 8: You're allowed to build near the harbour if you like. If your going to settle there, please build logical lanes to their buildings. If your going to settle in the desert, your free to move.

§ 9: Don't build up new age houses! they wont be tolerated. The theme of the server is dark age style. You agree to that theme.

§ 10 : Every player who is willing to have interact privs are encouraged to set a ingame password. Players with empty passwords and interact privs will be revoked for interacting.

§ 11 : Houses which will be placed and leftover for more than 2 months without interaction will be takeover with note on the item to its new owner. If no objections will be made the house / item is gone to its new owner!

§ 12 : Rules can be reviewed and revised from time to time.